Maestri del Cotto is a leading manufacturer of handmade terracotta floor tiles

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Maestri del Cotto produces true natural and environmentally friendly handmade terracotta tiles.
Each brick has the warm honey tones typical of the Umbrian earth and enriches and enhances any environment. Particularly suitable for renovations and construction of houses, villas and town centres, terracotta floor tiles maintain the original architectural context.

Maestri del Cotto manufactures terracotta flooring in antique terracotta, Umbrian and Tuscan terracotta for antique floor restoration. The production includes flat handmade terracotta tiles and hollow flat tiles.

Handmade terracotta tiles and terracotta floor tiles for furnishings has accompanied the development of human civilization; its history traces all stages of the art of building. In fact, the idea of dividing clay into portions, shaping it and letting it dry in the sun to harden dates back to the Neolithic period. It is one of those insights that have enabled the start of human society.

Flooring and finishings

Flooring and finishings

Terracotta flooring gives great importance to the definition and characterisation of environments, for both interior and outdoor floors ... Read more



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Organic wood fired terracotta

Organic wood fired terracotta

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